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Monitoring and Evaluation

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Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation - Overview

MCA Namibia (MCA-N) places great emphasis on results because our achievements serve as a measure of the impact that were are having on our beneficiaries, who are the most important group of people to consider in the implementation of any development programme. Hence, we have taken results into account at all stages of the Programme cycle:

In addition, we weave our results into the stories that will become part of the MCA-N legacy (see Telling the MCA-N "Story").

Finally, we aim to support data quality in Namibia in order to enable especially our Government partners to tell their own results stories (see Supporting Data Quality and Building M&E Capacity).

Taken together, these efforts reflect MCA-N's commitment to making a demonstrable positive difference and willingness to hold itself accountable.

For context of the MCA-N Compact activities, see the intervention map here.

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