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Monitoring and Evaluation

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Monitoring and Evaluation

Telling the MCA-N Story

Ultimately, planning for and tracking results and finding impacts all help tell the "MCA-N story" in terms of the legacy we will leave on the country and on our beneficiaries, who are the most important group of people to consider in the implementation of any development programme. Watch this space for some of our stories.


Success Stories

Marking End of Year 4

MCC Links Namibian Women to International Market - Emilia Kambonde shares her experience

Being a High School Learner in Namibia

Namibia Livestock Owners Embrace New Land Management and Marketing Techniques

Improving Sustainable use of Communal Lands

A Dream Come True for Namibian Students

Check the Facts

Marking End of Year 3

Ministry of Education Receives 23 Upgraded Schools

2012 Annual Report

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