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  • Members of community and Game Guards assist with the translocation
  • Former US Ambassador Dennis Mathieu and Prime Minister Nahas Angula at the official launch of 16 September 2009
  • Former MCA-N Board Chairperson Peter Katjavivi and Former US Ambassador Dennise Mathieu
  • MCA-N CEO Penny Akwenye and John Wingle MCC Resident Country Director
  • MCA Namibia CEO Penny Akwenye Launching the Livestock Marketing Efficiency Fund May 2010.
  • Hon. John Mutorwa Minister of Agriculture, Water & Forestry presenting the Grant Manual.
  • Hon. Minister of Lands & Resettlement launching the Communal Land Support programme of MCA Namibia
  • Traditional Authorities been shown on some of the areas to be mapped during the Communal Land Support of MCA Namibia

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