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Notice of Awards List
Notices of Contract Awards are published after awards are made and identify the procurement, name of winning bidder, price, duration and the summary scope of the contract.  Notices will be published weekly on this website and monthly on the Development Gateway Market and UN Development Business Online websites, as well as other media outlets as appropriate.

Page 1[Page 2 ][Page 3 ][Page 4 ][Page 5 ][Page 6 ] Ref No Procurement Name/Title Award Date 1A01022 Refurbishment of students chairs and tables for Packages 3 and 5 Schools 01 Apr 2014 1A01023 Fencing of Schools Properties in Khomas Region 01 Apr 2014 1A01026 Modular Classrooms to replace tin shack classrooms still in use at MCA-N targeted schools 26 Feb 2014 1A03003-B Supply and Delivery of ICT Equipment for College of Education 20 Feb 2014 1C02004-P RENTING OF A WAREHOUSE FOR THE SORTING AND PACKING OF TEXTBOOKS FOR 6 MONTHS IN WINDHOEK, NAMIBIA 18 Feb 2014 1A01018 Construction of Uukumwe School Hall 10 Feb 2014 1A01028 Supervisory Consultant to oversee installation of Broadband Wireless Internet Connectivity to 23 Schools 20 Jan 2014 5A01013 - E Consultant for Sample Selection, Survey Supervision and Data Management for the Tracer Survey of Vocational Trainees 08 Jan 2014 2A02006 Procurement of Radio Communication Needs for Western Etosha 19 Dec 2013 1D01014 Supply Installation and Commissioning of an Integrated Library System for RSRC 16 Dec 2013 3C03006 Compilation of a Book on Indigenous Natural Products in Namibia 16 Dec 2013 1A03003-A Supply and Delivery of Laboratory Equipment for College of Education 09 Dec 2013 1A01020 ASSESS AIR QUALITY CONCERNS CAUSED BY DUST AT MCA-N DESIGNED AND CONSTRUCTED INFRASTRUCTURES UNDER ITS 47 SCHOOLS ACTIVITY 04 Dec 2013 1D01009-B 3 Mobile Library Units - Manufacture and equipping of library cabins to be fitted to trucks. 29 Nov 2013 1D01008-A Processing, Cataloguing and Transporting of Library Books to RSRC 07 Nov 2013 Page 1[Page 2 ][Page 3 ][Page 4 ][Page 5 ][Page 6 ]
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