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Procurement Opportunities

Specific Procurement Notice Summary List [all SPNs including closed]
Specific Procurement Notices (SPN) are invitations to pre-qualify or to bid for contracts to be tendered under competitive bidding procedures. Page 1[Page 2 ][Page 3 ][Page 4 ][Page 5 ][Page 6 ][Page 7 ][Page 8 ][Page 9 ][Page 10 ][Page 11 ][Page 12 ][Page 13 ][Page 14 ][Page 15 ][Page 16 ] Proc Code Procurement Name/Title Deadline Countdown 1B01001 Advisory Services to Establish a National Training Fund 28 Oct 2009 Closed 2B01001 Consulting Services to Implement a North American Tourism Marketing Campaign for Namibia (Request for Expressions of Interest) 18 Dec 2009 Closed 2A01004 Development of a GIS-Based Equipment and Infrastructure Database and Maintenance Plan for the Eosha National Park 17 Feb 2010 Closed 5A01003 Implementation of Community-Based Rangeland Management Household Income and Expenditure Surveys 16 Mar 2010 Closed 5A01002 Implementation of Conservancy Support and Indigenous Natural Products Household and Organisational Surveys 19 Mar 2010 Closed 1A01003 Renovation and Construction of Additional Infrastructure at Thirteen Schools in the Omusati and Oshana Regions of Namibia 28 Jun 2010 Closed 3B01002 Design, Environmental Assessment and Supervision of the Construction of Quarantine Camps 12 Jul 2010 Closed 2C02001 SPECIFIC PROCUREMENT NOTICE FOR CONSERVANCY SUPPORT DEVELOPMENT SERVICES 20 Jul 2010 Closed 1B02001 Design, Environmental Assessment and Supervision of the Construction of Community Skills Development Centres 12 Aug 2010 Closed 3B04002 Supply and Delivery of 1,275,000 RFID Combo Ear Tags Sets, Applicators and Replacement Pins 20 Aug 2010 Closed View active SPNs | View all SPNs [including closed] »
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