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Tourism Activity Detail  I. Introduction The Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) Namibia Compact, providing grant funding for public investments in Education, Tourism and Agriculture (livestock and indigenous natural products), was signed on 28 July 2008 between the Repub... Activity 2: Marketing Namibia Tourism (the “Marketing Activity”)

Other Sub-Activities in the same Activity
    Sub-Activity 1: Destination Marketing to the North American Market
    Sub-Activity 2: Development and Marketing of Local and Regional Tourism Routes
    Sub-Activity 3: Interactive Website Development

While the Namibia tourism sector has grown at a steady rate since independence in 1990, it has underperformed relative to regional competitors and it remains especially susceptible to seasonal fluctuations. Diversification of source markets for tourists is a key element to increasing tourist arrivals and reducing seasonal fluctuations. The Marketing Activity aims to increase tourist arrivals to Namibia by expanding marketing to North American tourists, developing and marketing local and regional tourism route packages, and developing a fully interactive website. The development and marketing of local and regional tourism route packages will focus on conservancy sites with the explicit goal of directing some of the tourism visitors to communal areas. This activity is timely as Namibia is looking to position itself to capture increased tourism to the region resulting from the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. The NTB, functionally established in 2004 to promote Namibia’s tourism activities from a coordinated platform, will implement this activity.

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