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Education Activity Detail I. Introduction The Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) Namibia Compact, providing grant funding for public investments in Education, Tourism and Agriculture (livestock and indigenous natural products), was signed on 28 July 2008 between the Republic of ... Activity 4: Expanding vocational and skills training

Other Sub-Activities in the same Activity
    Sub-Activity 1: Improvement and expansion of Namibia’s network of COSDECs
    Sub-Activity 2: Technical assistance to establish a National Training Fund
    Sub-Activity 3: Competitive grants for high-priority vocational training programmes

The objectives of this Activity are to help alleviate skills constraints to enterprise growth and productivity and to ensure that disadvantaged and vulnerable groups, school leavers, and adult learners acquire competencies that are needed for gainful employment and income-earning opportunities.

Historically, the majority of Vocational Training Centres (VTCs) in Namibia have been supply-driven, with most programming delivered by four state-owned VTCs. Despite nominal entry requirements of grade 10 completion for admission to VTCs, most students must have completed grade 12 to gain entry. Due to limited capacities at these centres in terms of space and resources, majority of young Namibian do not get entry to these centres. Recognizing these constraints, the Namibia Parliament passed a new “Vocational Education and Training Act” during March 2008. The Act has resulted in several policy and institutional reforms affecting the management and financing of vocational education and training (VET) programmes. Of note, the Act has established a new National Training Authority (NTA), prescribing that all state-owned VTCs shall be transferred to the NTA, with the intention that they either undergo transformation into self-managing, financially self-sufficient entities (that compete with one another and other private sector training providers) or the operations and conducting of vocational education activities are terminated by the Board as per Section 49, Subsections 4. (b) of the NTA Act.

The MCA Namibia Programme support is necessitated by the experience that both the current lack of skills and supply-driven training are constraining enterprise growth and development in Namibia. The recent Global Competitiveness surveys ranked inadequate skills and education of the workforce as the single “most problematic factor for doing business” in Namibia with 21% of enterprises surveyed.

The MCA Namibia Programme will:

(i) Support the improvement and expansion of Namibia’s network of Community Skills and Development Centres (COSDECs);
(ii) Assist the recently-created National Training Authority (NTA) to establish and manage a new National Training Fund (NTF); and
(iii) Provide Competitive Grant Funding for priority training that would include vocational training programmes and tourism training, as transitional support prior to the NTF having sufficient operational capacity and resources.

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