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Tourism SubActivity Detail  I. Introduction The Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) Namibia Compact, providing grant funding for public investments in Education, Tourism and Agriculture (livestock and indigenous natural products), was signed on 28 July 2008 between the Repub... Sub-Activity 1: Needs Assessment

Other Sub-Activities in the same Activity
    Sub-Activity 1: Needs Assessment
    Sub-Activity 2: Technical Assistance and Capacity Building
    Sub-Activity 3: Grant Funds

The Activity will begin with an initial Needs Assessment that will identify and prioritize needs in 31 of the 50 conservancies that have been pre-selected by MET and MCA Namibia based on their high-tourism-potential. A map with the location of the 31 target conservancies is in Annex IV.a, with a listing included in Annex IV.b. The Needs Assessment will focus on identifying services that create tourism revenue growth, financial sustainability, and accountability, without neglecting the basic organisational support requirements. Based on the aggregate of priorities identified for each conservancy, the Needs Assessment will also propose a set of assistance packages to be made available through technical assistance and training services and grants to conservancies. The contractor responsible for the Needs Assessment will also facilitate the preparation of the Terms of Reference for the service provider who will manage the technical assistance and capacity building support to the target conservancies (i.e. the "Conservancy Development Programme Manager").

The Needs Assessment will be conducted in collaboration with conservancy members and MET and will determine:

Level of development of each of the 31 conservancies reviewed;

Suggested series of technical assistance and capacity building services to be provided to each conservancy to promote the development of sustainable tourism enterprises;

Potential for tourism enterprises including nature of enterprise (lodge, trophy hunting, etc.);

Eligibility for and level of grant funds to attract tourism enterprises (based on conservancy readiness and tourism enterprise potential);

Capacity for each conservancy to provide matching funds for services and grants; and

An illustrative list of assistance packages to be further developed and implemented by the Conservancy Development Programme Manager.


Conservancy Needs Assesment Final Reports 2009/2010

1. CNA Current Management Capacity Summary Report

2. CNA Training Modules Report

3. Final Assistance Packages Report

4. Tourism Enterprises ID Report Public Version

5. Matching Funds Report Public Version



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