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Education SubActivity Detail I. Introduction The Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) Namibia Compact, providing grant funding for public investments in Education, Tourism and Agriculture (livestock and indigenous natural products), was signed on 28 July 2008 between the Republic of ... Sub-Activity 2: Technical assistance and training for RSRCs

Other Sub-Activities in the same Activity
    Sub-Activity 1: Construction of 3 Regional Study and Resource Centres (RSRCs)
    Sub-Activity 2: Technical assistance and training for RSRCs

The MCA Namibia Programme will support technical assistance to RSRC staff focused on effective administration and programme development. The administration-focused part of the training will allow for 6 staff of the three RSRCs to attend a 2-day workshop in Windhoek being designed and delivered by the four teacher colleges and UNAM, with the assistance of technical consultants. The training will address 4 areas key to success of RSRCs in terms of administering quality programmes and resource acquisition: (1) fund raising, (2) acquisition of in-kind donations, (3) developing local public-private partnerships, and (4) developing and sustaining twinning relationships with similar institutions in other countries.

The programme development training, in conjunction with the MoE Directorate for Adult Education and COSDEF staff, will involve technical assistance to develop and deliver an income-generation training programme that provides key skills to rural communities. The focus of the programme will be to assist individuals, families and communities in expanding existing knowledge base for operators of small and medium enterprises/activities. The RSRCs will serve as information knowledge resource. An external consultant team, comprised of a training and income generation specialist, an IT consultant for ICT maintenance, and a trainer to design materials and deliver a training program, will field test the programme at each RSRC, both at fixed facilities and through mobile training. The consultant team will conduct immediate follow-on evaluation to assess the impact on programme participants, which will influence follow-on programme design and implementation.

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