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Project: Agriculture

The Agriculture Project of MCA-N is primarily focussed on achieving a sustainable increase in economic performance of the agriculture sector in the Northern Communal Areas (NCAs) of Namibia.  Agriculture in the broadest sense is extremely important to the livelihoods of many rural based Namibians. The approach used is to synchronise the support efforts that will contribute to poverty alleviation and to improved livelihoods of beneficiaries through the different activities that are being implemented by the Agriculture project.  

Activities of the Agriculture Project are aimed at strengthening the land tenure system in the NCAs, improving rangeland management practices, strengthening animal health services, livestock marketing efficiency and strengthening the supply chains and marketing of indigenous natural plant products throughout Namibia. 

The Agriculture Project has three main Activities:

1.             Land Access and Management

2.             Livestock Support

3.             Indigenous Natural Products

A more detailed description of the Agriculture Project is available here: Download Project description as PDF

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