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Namibia 2008 Scorecard

Namibia Scorecard - Economic Freedom
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How to Read this Scorecard: Each MCC Candidate Country receives a scorecard annually assessing performance in 3 policy categories: Ruling Justly, Investing in People, and Economic Freedom. For each indicator box (from top to bottom): the name of the indicator or policy, the country’s data, or score, indicated by a green or red line representing a passing or failing score. Next to the score, is the country’s percentile ranking in its respective Low Income or Lower Middle Income group (0% is worst; 50% is the median; 100% is best). Under the score/ranking, is the median score for the respective income group, above which countries have to score in order to pass the indicator. The white box represents a trend line of performance with each red dot assigned to a score on the vertical axis and the year on the horizontal access. The black line running through the dots represents the current year’s median. Data sources are below the box.

For more information regarding the Millennium Challenge Account Selection Process and these indicators, please consult MCC’s website:

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