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MCA Namibia hands over 5 renovated and upgraded schools to Kavango Regions - 26 Jun 2014 MCA Namibia (MCA-N) has handed over five (5) schools in the Kavango East and West Regio... [more]
MCA Namibia supports NTB to launch 3 new Tourism Routes - 03 Jun 2014 Three (3) new self-drive travel routes across the lesser known areas of Namibia were of... [more]
MCA Namibia funded tour guides gained permanent employment on graduation day - 15 Apr 2014   Forty (40) tour guides, whose training was funded by the Millennium Challeng... [more]
MCA Namibia hands over new textbooks management information system to the Ministry of Education - 28 Mar 2014 Millennium Challenge Account Namibia (MCA-N) together with the Ministry of Education ha... [more]

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